Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our newset addition

6 weeks ago today we welcomed Lily Marie into the world. At 9 pounds 11 oz she was 1/2 a oz shy of her sisters birthweight. She was born at 6:24pm. Ironic to me because if that had been a date it would be my birthday which is June 24th.
Rather than bore you with random details here are a few pictures from the last few weeks.
Grandma Nita made this adorable blanket. It is the perfect size for the carseat and when she sleeps in the swing!
These two pictures were used on the birth announcements that are going in the mail this week.
Love Love Love this picture! Bethany has been so very helpful with Lily. She is especailly good at throwing away diapers and trying to entertain Lily with the little baby toys. Bethany is slowly learning the meaning of gentle. She really likes playing under the playmat with Lily. Lily is finally alert enough, long enough to become interested in her toys. She even bats at them from time to time.

Check back soon for newer pictures. I have been slacking in that department, who knew having a toddler and a newborn was so much work.

Friday, September 10, 2010

So little time left

Bethany has only days until her 2nd birthday. It's hard to believe that in less than 2 months I will have a bonified 2 year old on my hands.
Now what to do for the party and all that jazz.
Bethany has only 1 or 2 little girls as friends that are closeby so it's hard to think of a real "party".
I do really like these though:
I tried to include images but the site would not permit them. Sorry about that but hopefully the link works.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Festival, Festival, Festival!

I am so excited.
One of the committee members for our school's festival has asked me to put together a basket of bows to give away in the "Big" prize raffle. I am going to shoot for 16 bows. I think I am going to mount the bows onto cardstock squares and then squewer those with sticks and put them in a vase so they look like a flower arrangement.

If anyone has any other ideas feel free to leave a comment. I am looking forward to your fun ways to display the bows.

Don't forget that Sept 10 will be the last day to enter the Bow Giveaway.
Just leave a comment or become a follower or even better do both!


Check out my etsy page for the latest bow creations.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My little terror

I left the room this morning for less than 3 minutes. When I returned this is what I found:
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The picture was taken with a cell phone in a slightly dark room. Sorry about the crappy quality.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


After a week and a half I am ready to say, Bethany has successfully transitioned to her toddler bed.
We transistioned her after finding her bed at a local Kids Consignment store for a great price.
Bethany had made it clear over the summer that she was ready. On more than one occasion she would go upstairs and stand by her crib, call out "Nigh Nigh" She would scream this until we would come and put her to bed.
I have always been in marvel of how much of a self-motivated child she really is.
In honor of this amazing news, we just had to take a picture...
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or two..
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Silas was "sad" to see his little girl growing up so fast.
Now just to take down the crib.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bow Madness

In an effort to have cute bows for Bethany I have come to accumulate WAY too much ribbon. So my maddness is yours to share.

Become a follower of this blog and post a comment.
On Sept 10th I will draw 2 people at random and you can win 3 sets of matching bows.
If you look back at any of the pictures of Bethany you are bound to see evidence of the bow's cuteness.
I will post pictures tonight of examples of what I can do.
I have a vast array of colors and can customize the bows to your liking.

Don't forget there are 2 ways to enter:
Become a follower
Post a comment

Have a great morning everyone.
ETA: a Picture of some of the bows I currently have.

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Back to School here we go!

School is back in session. The busy days of summer are over. Only to be replaced with the hectic days of Fall. Check soon for a few pictures of the last few weeks. I have been horrible at taking pictures but I promise I will soon.
Here are a few from our trip this summer to Colorado.
Silas's Aunt and Uncle have an inground trampoline for their daughter Taite. Bethany had SOO much fun playing on it!
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Bethany thought Silas's hat was funny.
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Lastly is a picture from the park this summer. Bethany seems to really like to swing.
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