Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our newset addition

6 weeks ago today we welcomed Lily Marie into the world. At 9 pounds 11 oz she was 1/2 a oz shy of her sisters birthweight. She was born at 6:24pm. Ironic to me because if that had been a date it would be my birthday which is June 24th.
Rather than bore you with random details here are a few pictures from the last few weeks.
Grandma Nita made this adorable blanket. It is the perfect size for the carseat and when she sleeps in the swing!
These two pictures were used on the birth announcements that are going in the mail this week.
Love Love Love this picture! Bethany has been so very helpful with Lily. She is especailly good at throwing away diapers and trying to entertain Lily with the little baby toys. Bethany is slowly learning the meaning of gentle. She really likes playing under the playmat with Lily. Lily is finally alert enough, long enough to become interested in her toys. She even bats at them from time to time.

Check back soon for newer pictures. I have been slacking in that department, who knew having a toddler and a newborn was so much work.