Wednesday, March 24, 2010

AHHHH New camera is awesome

We went to the park today, Bethany is so funny in the swing, she loves looking around as much as swinging.
We had as much fun walking to and from the play area as anything else. Bethany is enjoying her ever building confidence in her walking/ galloping. Still working on running but I am not to worried, it's already hard enough to chase her.

So for the summer I have a feeling Bethany will really enjoy spending time at the zoo, if for no other reason than having plenty of room to walk and run. I may need to invest in a kid leash before long.

Bethany is slowly coming into her own with her words. She likes to listen in on conversations and then randomly screech to let you know she is there. I swear I have heard her say Grandpa and Grandma a few times but she is very selective about when she will say them. Some other words she has muttered recently have been, again, open (in sign) and door. I am surprised that I haven't heard bath yet. She really likes playing in the bath and would spend hours in there if she could.

Monday, March 8, 2010

No new pictures...

So I have been a bad mommy these last few weeks and have hardly any pictures to show.
I will post some newones as soon as I have them.
I really hope that the next ones you see here will be with my NEW CAMERA.
Hopefully that will be very soon.