Friday, February 26, 2010

Florida in a nutshell

The pictures uploaded backwards so I will do my best to take you through them. This was our last morning in FL. Bethany was still figuring out if she wanted great grandpa to hold her. I wish we could have had more time for them to get comfortable with each other.

We went to the beach on Sunday and Bethany and I had some fun looking for shells, or should I say I had fun looking for shells and she had fun exploring and walking around.

First time in the Gulf of Mexico. Hopefully it won't be so cold next time we go. Whenever that will be...
Below: First time in the sand. Told ya these were all backwards. She was not sure about this at first but really had fun once she figured it out. I think she liked walking around barefoot.

Grandpa and I ran to the store one night and my dad watched her for us. She had fun dancing to the TV. Not sure what show this is as we don't have cable at home but all the same it must have been a good one.

An orange tree that still had oranges on it. Remember it's February...

Bethany's idea of Night Night... LOL

Look at those eyes... You could almost get lost in them. I love how blue they look here.

Mommy's idea of nap time... Much more productive. Maybe not as much fun.

Peak-a-boo. It was chilly most days we were on Vacation but we made the best of it and explored the mall play area. Bethany loved the slide and playing with the various toys and climbing things.
What a trip. I was a bit scared to go at first because I knew that this could be one of the last times I get to make the trip before my grandpa is no longer with us. I really wanted Bethany to meet him. He is such a great guy and though I never got to see him as much as my cousins I know he and my grandma loved us dearly and I will always be grateful for that. As a step-kid it would have been easy to brush me away but I NEVER once felt that from anyone in the family and that is an amazing thing to fell. I hope Bethany will always feel as loved as I have.
Sometimes it takes trips like this to remember these things.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


What a smile. She has really been in a good mood most mornings recently. Bethany seems to really like Frosted Mini Wheats and Quaker Oatmeal Squares soaked in a bit of milk. It gets a bit messy at times but she likes feeding herself so we don't mind. I like that it allows me to finish my breakfast in peace and get ready without a shadow.

"Here mom, want some!"

Check out that mess. She went straight to the tub after this but man did she enjoy her dinner. Totally random but I love that her bib says "priceless" it's so ironically true. What else could be said about that beautiful face and that smile. She is such a happy baby most days.

While Silas was reading to Bethany last night he swears she mimicked the words "square" and "circle". They also had fun playing with her sorting animal thingy from Parents.
Otherwise known as Wacky Willa!

Only 9 more days till Bethany and I get to go with my dad to Florida to see my Grandpa!!!! We are so excited!